Simple changes to your daily routine can help you lose weight easily. Follow the below best ways to lose weight and ensure that you lose weight quick and without affecting your health.

Make a food journal

Making a food journal can help you keeping record of your food habits. In this way, you can count how many calories you are taking every day.

Switch to water

Avoid drinking aerated drinks or fizzy drinks. You should switch to water to make sure that you look slimmer.

Add blue to your dining area

Adding blue to your dining area can act as an appetite suppressant. Avoid red, yellow and orange in your dining area.

Spend 10 minutes a day in climbing stairs

Climbing stairs is important to maintain health. Spending 10 minutes a day in climbing stairs can help. Avoid lifts and escalators and use stairs instead.

Walk 45 minutes a day

Walking for 45 minutes a day help a lot. If you are walking for 30 minutes a day, add 15 more minutes for better health.

Eat homely prepared food

Avoid junk foods and start eating food prepared at home. They have fewer calories and help one to get slimmer.

Avoid second helping of food

Whatever you want to eat, take in one helping. Second helping can add to your fat.

Avoid white foods

White foods like pasta, white bread, white rice, sugar, etc as they are rich in calories. Instead, eat whole wheat bread, brown rice and other healthy substitute.

Eat fruit instead of drinking fruit juice

Eating fruits are always a good option over drinking fruit juice. Whole fruits will keep you satisfies for much longer.

Whenever hungry, snack on few nuts

Nuts, raisins, seeds and dry fruits are a good option for snacking. If people are hungry, then these can help them stave off hunger.

Get most of the calories before noon

Studies find that more you eat in the morning; the less you will eat in the evening. You have more opportunities to burn off calories in the day than in the night.

These are some of the best ways to lose weight that can help you in getting slimmer and look beautiful.