need to lose weight

Have you stop eating to lose weight? Do you know starving does not help you lose weight? People who starve to lose weight feel weak at the end. People who think eating can increase their weight and start, avoiding foods completely are risking their life.

Dangers of starving

A dietician will never suggest anyone to starve. However, if you starve yourself, your body will burn up water weight and you will see a decrease in your weight. As soon as your water weight will get eliminated from your body, you will stop losing weight and will start feeling weak in few days. You will feel tired in doing the day-to-day activities. The decreased metabolism rate can be a negative point and this you will not be able to maintain the same level of intensity in activities.

The body tends to use the stored fat as the last means of energy and you will see loss in your muscles too. By cutting too many calories, one will undoubtedly cut a major part of their staple diet and lead to malnutrition. Moreover, one can face worse eating disorders. According to a study, about one-third of teenage girls suffer from anorexia.

Plan what you eat

If you are planning to lose weight, then first meet a dietician and talk to him or her about your condition. As they are professional in their field, they can make a clear diet plan that can help you reduce weight healthily. They will include healthy food items in your diet such as raw vegetables, fruits, cereals, and many more such items, which can induce the required calorie and nutrition in the body. Maintaining nutrition in the diet plan is important to remain healthy and feel active every time.

So, if you need to lose weight, do not starve instead eat the right food to maintain health. You will reduce weight and will feel more active. You can add herbal medicines and exercise in your diet to feel more active.