Your kid has finished her exams. Her summer vacations have begun. She is excited and happy about not doing any more schoolwork. You really do not want her to get bored. Therefore, you decide to take her on a holiday to Goa.  Goa is one of the best places to visit during the summers. You decide to take the entire family along, as they need a break from work. You book your tickets.

You are excited as you get to see the beaches of Goa.  The day arrives; you get to the airport and catch your flight.  While sitting on the plane, you notice that your kid has put on a lot of weight.  You are worried. You decide to make sure she loses weight before school starts.  You do not want to upset your kid and so you do not say anything. You think of ways of how to make her lose weight.  You wonder why your kid is looking fat. You suddenly realize that the reason for your kid’s putting on weight is due to

  • Eating the wrong kind of food
  • Lack of exercise
  • Sleeping a lot

You know your kid does not have any disease, which is good.  In order to make her lose weight you put on a healthy diet. You make her eat many fruits, drink a lot of water, make her eat her food in small portions and give her herbal weight loss pills.  Your kid wonders why you are doing all these things. She walks up to you and asks why you have put her on a diet. She tells you she is not overweight and is perfectly fine. You tell her she may look fine to herself but she has put on a lot of weight. You also tell her that the need to lose weight is important.  You tell her that if she does not lose weight now, she will have problems in the future.

Your kid realizes the consequences of having problems like heart diseases, diabetes, thyroid and kidney failure. She does not want to have any such disease and so makes the effort. With the effort pays off and your child has lost weight. Your kid feels a lot more active and energetic.

Do not think being overweight does not cause any problems. You have to lose weight and maintain it as well.  The body can move around easily and not have any kind of body aches.