Women do anything to look beautiful, which often end up giving them health issues. Reason being, they wear clothes that are uncomfortable in one way or the other. It is important to know that in adverse cases, these issues can turn into severe problems for lifetime.

So, is there anything such fashionistas can do to remain healthy without compromising with their fashion sense? Fortunately, yes, it is possible. Read below to know more…

  1. High Heels

Heels turn into hell when you wear them the wrong way. As per studies, women who wear heels that are either 3 ½-inches or more are at high risk of developing imbalance and weakness in their ankles. Moreover, if you have bunions, wearing heels can increase them further.



  • Don’t wear heels all day. Also, don’t wear the same pair every day, as doing so will conform your feet to one particular shape.
  • Add heel-guards to the back. You can also add arch support and place a footpad below the ball of the foot. It can also be added on the top from the upper inside of the shoe.
  • Buy shoes that have a platform and let you get away with a bit higher heel. T-strap shoes are also a good option, as they prevent feet from sliding forward.
  1. Heavy Bags

Carrying overly heavy bags not only leads to shoulder and neck pain but also causes numbness in the hand due to nerve damage.



  • Backpacks with reflective stripe are good options. A vast collection of cute styles is available these days.
  • Make sure your bag never weighs more than 10% of your body weight.
  1. Tight Clothes

Wearing tight clothes puts the wearer at risk of developing Meralgia Paraesthetica (MP). This condition leads to numbness and tingling by compressing the lateral femoral cutaneous serve.



  • Avoid clothes that are too tight to make you feel uncomfortable. Make sure they don’t pinch at the waistband, as it can add pressure to the nerve.

So, these are the 3 clothing items that can hurt your health severely. Deal with them carefully and you will look effortlessly stylish without affecting your body.