Have you discovered that you are pregnant? Many congrats for the beautiful journey you have just begun. This is the time when you should focus on your lifestyle habits for the healthy development of foetus. There are several herbal vitamins that works well. you can take or check out some precautions that are definite to be followed during the first month of pregnancy.

What you should do

  1. Regular Exercise

Exercises that don’t tire and keep the system function normally are important. Hence, walking is a good option; however, don’t strain yourself. You can also join yoga classes for would-be-mommies.

  1. Fiber Rich Foods

Ease constipation and regularize functioning of stomach through fiber rich foods. Strawberries are rich in folic acid and consuming them is advisable. Other options include legumes, sprouts, spinach and cereals.

  1. Healthy Mind

Mood and emotions of mother has direct impact on the emotional wellbeing of the baby. Hence, keep yourself positive, calm and happy. Try opting for meditation, as it attracts positive vibes.

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What you should not do

  • Don’t Panic

Is my baby okay? Will everything go smoothly? Such thoughts and concerns are common for mom-to-be; however, they should be avoided. This is because such thoughts affect the baby. Hence, stop panicking and look for good alternatives such as meditation and yoga to distract mind.

  • Avoid Coffee & Junk Food

Caffeine poses health risks that are harmful for the baby; hence, make sure not to consume coffee. Next thing is junk food, which tends to increase the weight. As you will naturally gain weight during pregnancy, extra fat can create health issues for you as well for the baby. Perk Up Your Day With These 5 Natural Energy Boosting Supplements

  • Avoid Tight Clothes and High Heels:

Keep aside tight fitting clothes and give your body space to breathe. Besides, avoid giving pressure at the right points in your feet; hence, replace heels with comfortable footwear.

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  • Yeast Infection

Increased level of estrogen and increased content of glycogen secretion in vagina leads to vaginal candidiasis, a common infection seen in expecting mothers. Make sure to take the needed steps for cleanliness and maintenance.

Have a happy, safe and healthy pregnancy with these tips. Smile everyday and cherish every moment of this lifetime experience.