Everyone wants to get in shape as quickly as they can. To achieve this goal, while some of us hit gym, some opt for strict diet and some find the solution in weight loss supplements. Apart from these, there are couples of other alternatives to go for. However, aim behind is same, i.e. losing the extra kilos and getting a trimmed body. If you are going through this dilemma and fed up with all the rumors that claim to help, discover the truth regarding workout rumors you need to stop believing now!

  1. The More You Sweat, The Better You Workout

The first belief to be discarded is this. Majority of people think that a good workout is followed by the amount of sweat it produces. Unfortunately, there’s no truth to it. Switching up the intensities of workout is the best way. In other words, if you practiced a high intensity workout yesterday, go for a low intensity workout like yoga, today.

  1. Drinking Ample Water Speeds Up Weight Loss

There’s no denying the fact that drinking water is beneficial for the body; however, it can’t do much alone. Though water suppresses the appetite and boosts the metabolism, taking a clean & balanced diet it definitely required. Besides, exercising regularly is essential for expected results.

  1. Squats Are Harmful For The Knees

Squats are not a good option for those who suffer from knee problems or have undergone knee replacement. However, they are very helpful if done the right way. Make sure to squat as deep as you can without over-going the toes. Shift your weigh on the heels.

  1. Eat Less To Lose More

This is not just a myth but the most hyped belief that’s believed since ages and that too from everyone. However, this is absolutely false. It is important to know that unwanted fat has nothing to do with the quantity we eat but with the quality we eat. Whether you workout or don’t, make sure to eat only good and fresh food. Also, do not starve your body; instead, consume fruits, lean meats and veggies.

  1. Muscle Weighs More Than Fat

Always remember that though a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh same. However, two pounds of muscle might match the size of a baseball; whereas, the same pound of fat might be thrice that size.

  1. Always Stretch Before

Stretching has different meaning for everyone. Most of the people consider it as standing still and holding a fixed pose. This never helps because it reduces the muscle power to some extent. Hence, it is good to go for a dynamic stretch. As it keeps the muscle in motion, overall strength and performance enhances.

  1. Workout During Night Is Harmful

Flush this perception right now, as our body benefits from workout irrespective of the time of the day. If you get time only at night, there’s no problem. The only thing to ensure is giving your body extra time to unwind before jumping into bed. This is because workout energizes the body as well as the mind. Hence, you might find difficulty in falling asleep immediately after working out.

  1. Cardio Is The Best Exercise

Yes, cardio is beneficial and offers great results but conditioning & strength training are also essential. It would be good to bring a change in your routine and focus on becoming leaner, stronger and fitter. Adding strength training on top of cardio workout will surely amaze you.

  1. Lifting Makes The Body Bulky

This mind set keeps women away from entering the weight lifting zone. Well, stop taking as a truth. You can get a slim and toned physique by going for heavy weight with few repetitions and not light weights with many repetitions.

  1. Sit Up Combined With Crunches Is The Key Towards Six Pack Abs

Though sit-ups and crunches are good to develop abs, variety is needed to become more toned. Hence, practice planks or leg drops, as they target the whole core. There are many other options available on the internet.

  1. Long Workouts Are Exceptionally Rewarding

It is interesting to know that the minute we starts working out, their body starts burning fats. So, if you think that the affects start after twenty or thirty minutes of workout, stop thinking that way immediately. Hence, if you can’t go for a long workout, going for a short one but intense session will bring the same results.

  1. Gym Is A Must For Real Results

Not at all! To achieve the results, you don’t necessarily need a gym or expensive equipment. If you are motivated and determined, you can have a killer workout. Make your own gym with free weights, a chair, a yoga mat and a resistance band.

  1. You Can Notice Reduced Fat

Certainly not! This is because to lose fat in a particular area, you need to lose fat all over. Choosing a target area, working exclusively on it and seeing results is just not possible.

  1. Exercise As Much As You Can

Our body needs sufficient time to recover. Workout intensely regularly and you will definitely burn calories. Your focus should be on quality exercise that’s done every week. Talking about rest days, a normal walk and yoga are the good options.

Keep these important facts in mind and start a healthy and dedicated workout today.