Women have different daily nutritional requirements to men. Most of the women are confused about what should they include in their diet. Nutritional experts explains the right food and right time to eat watching your portion size to help nourish yourself for optimum health.

Parmesan cheese


Yes, cheese can be good for health too. Our body needs calcium and including 340 mg of calcium per ounce can help preventing osteoporosis. It can strengthen the bones and help you stay strong.



You must have heard, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Apples are rich in quercetin, which is an antioxidant with an ability to fight against diseases. There are many healthy benefits of apple as it is less in calories, you can have them as a snack.



Broccoli is another amazing power foods which should be consumed regularly. A cup of broccoli has 100 percent of your vitamin C which is crucial for your skin. Being rich in beta-carotene, it can stop developing wrinkles. Yes, its low in calories too. Even if you are diabetic or patient of high blood pressure or cholesterol, you can easily enjoy a bowl.



This leafy greens is packed with amazing nutrients. It is high in vitamin K and also contains calcium and magnesium. One cup of raw spinach carries only 7 calories, so it is always great to have your cup.



Sardines are a good source of omega 3 acids. It helps in decreasing inflammation that can lead to blocked arteries. They keep your heart save, preventing blood clots and keeping the blood vessels smooth and supple.



Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat. It helps in losing weight, especially the belly fat. If you are trying to lose weight, the make avocados your best friend.

These 6 power foods can help you lose weight easily. You can have them to stay healthy and fit or you can even grab a bottle of best nutrition pills for women to ensure that you get all your nutrients.