Shiny and smooth hair is every woman’s dream irrespective of the hair type. Getting dreamy hair is easily possible by doing the right amount of care. It is interesting to know that taking care of hair does not mean spending huge bucks on various products. Yes, that’s true! By using the right herbal products you can easily get manageable, smooth and shiny hair.

Check out 6 herbs that are sure to do wonders and give you expected results:

  1. Rosemary oil: This herb has been an effective solution for centuries. By improving the circulation of the scalp, it promotes healthy hair growth. For better results, combine it with olive oil.
  1. Peppermint oil: An old age remedy, this oil improves hair growth like anything. It works by improving the growth of hair follicles which is quite essential for shiny and bouncy hair.
  1. Aloe Vera: Get silky smooth hair by applying aloe vera. When applied on scalp, it stimulates blood circulation and makes the hair shiny, healthy and gorgeous.
  1. Burdock: Also known as Arctium Lappa, this is quite a magical herb. Use it on your scalp to for better blood circulation and healthy promotion of hair follicles. Flaunt hair that is sure to be admired by everyone.
  1. Lavender: Not only this herb makes the dream of silky hair true but also offers other benefits. Some of the promising benefits include soothing & healing skin irritation, treating infection on the scalp and treating dandruff. Besides, it also helps to get rid of dry & flaky scalp.
  1. Stinging nettle: This useful plant is loaded with wonderful properties. It fights the reasons behind dull & fragile hair. Not only you can use it as hair oil but also in the form of pills.

Girls, what are you waiting for? Your thirst to know herbal tips to get shinny and smooth hair has ended. Use these easy and effective ways to flaunt hair that will boost your confidence.

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