Raising a child is the world’s toughest job. You can be the first time parents or the nth time, it actually does not matter. Every child is different in his looks, behavior, growth & development. His needs and requirements also vary from that of others of the same age group. Being aware about the nutritional needs of your child is the most important task for every parent. Keeping track of his growth, weight and BMI can help you a lot to have an insight of his body requirements. Sound nutrition is key to a healthy child.

Nowadays most of the parents are time-crunched and home-cooked meals are always not possible. Feeding children is again a big challenge as they are more or less unwilling to sit and eat full plate of healthy food. Pediatricians recommend supplementing diets for maintaining a balanced diet of children. Do your kids really need vitamins? Answer is yes, if you can relate to one or more of the below mentioned situations.

  1. They don’t eat regular, balanced diets made up of fresh and whole foods.
  2. They are food hoppers; vitamin and mineral supplements are advisable for finicky eaters too.  
  3. Kids those are indulged in unhealthy eating practices like fast food, processed foods. Convenient foods are absolutely zero in terms of nutrition.
  4. Children those are facing chronic medical conditions should be given diet supplements with doctors’ prescription.
  5. Kids who take drinks and foods that leach the vitamins and minerals out of the body. Carbonated sodas have earned bad name in this.
  6. Children who are on vegetarian or vegan diet should be supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

However, parents should consider following precautions while getting supplements for their kids:

  1. Children before the age of 4 years should not be given any supplements unless doctors prescribe them.
  2. If your child is on some medication, do not forget to consult his doctor prior putting him on vitamins.
  3. Place vitamins out of reach of children at home. They should not be gulping down more than suggested pills.
  4. Chewable vitamins solve the problems of parents who struggle hard to feed their kids. They are alternatives of liquid and pills.


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