As the time of chemically charged generation is turning into more biological and organic products, herbs have the maximum attention of practitioners and people. Due to their negligible to no side effects, herbal solutions are greatly accepted.

One of a kind is the infamous anti inflammatory herbal oil called Borage Oil. Out of many health benefits it has, the most common of all is treating skin problems. Let’s learn about Borage oil benefits and side effects.

What makes it so great?

It is rich in and dominated by Gamma Linolenic Acid, GLA, which a known anti-inflammatory compound found in plants. With 23% of GLA in Borage Oil, it is one of the best options available in the market.

What are the amazing health benefits to expect?

Whether you are looking out for steady and faster relief in pain or for a long term health condition; antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds of this oil will impart benefits in following conditions:

  1. Skin Inflammation and related problems

As the GLA amount in Borage Oil is well estimated, we know, how fatty acid effect the cellular repair and maintenance. The extract from its seeds is directly applied on to the defected site. Eczema, itchy and red patchy skin can be treated by tropically applying the oil.

  1. Hormonal Imbalances and PMS

On monthly basis, some women undergo severe hormonal imbalance due to menstruation. They might suffer from breast pain, anxiety, cramps and abdominal pain. Conditions may vary but if the woman takes Borage Oil in her diet or as supplement then she is likely to reduce these symptoms to a great height.

  1. Lungs and Respiratory problems

Borage oil has antioxidants which can cure cold, asthma, fever and bronchitis. Mothers prefer using herbal treatment more than allopathy for their children.

Precautions that must be taken seriously before using this herbal oil:

  1. People taking blood thinning medication must consult their doctors
  2. Liver damage may occur if you take over to the prescribed dosage
  3. Pregnant mothers and breast feeding mothers must consult their gynecologist

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