If losing weight was as easy as taking a supplement, everyone would have been as thin as reeds. Unfortunately, this is not the reality and serious efforts are needed to shed the extra pounds. If you are following a low-calories diet, you need to fuel your body with necessary vitamins.

Vitamins work as catalysts owing to which they speed up the reactions which lead to significant weight loss. For healthy metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, vitamin B is quite essential. Reason being, vitamin B12 helps in formation of red blood cell. These cells deliver oxygen throughout the body. For those who exercise to shed weight, increased red blood cells increase endurance by producing energy.

Generally, vitamins for weight loss are water-soluble and don’t get stored in the body in large quantities. Hence, to lose more, eating balanced diet is the first thing.

Moving on to other effective alternatives to burn fat, they include:

1. Garcinia Cambogia: Hydroxycitric acid is the main active ingredient in garcinia which is known to suppress the diet. This way it helps to avoid indulging in over-eating and consuming more calories. Best part, one feels fuller for longer which eventually creates a calorie deficit.

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2. Apple cider vinegar: If there’s one magic elixir that helps to lose weight rapidly, it is this promising vinegar. Incorporating it in diet makes one eat less by producing a sense of satiety. Moreover, it is rich in organicacids and enzymes that stimulate metabolism and helps to burn fat faster.


3. Green coffee: It raises the fat burning capability by increasing the release of fat burning enzymes in the body. Chlorogenic acid present in it is a natural appetite suppressant which helps in controlling cravings and keeps one away from overeating. Also, green coffee removes bad cholesterol and unnecessary fats.


4. Moringa: Moringa leaves contain chlorogenic acid, a compund that is known to support weight loss by balancing the blood sugars and burning fat in the body. It has been seen that people who consume the acid burn more fats as compared to those who don’t.


5. Raspberry ketones: They aim to regulate adiponectin, hormone which moderates fat. This hormone is effective in preventing fatty liver from developing. For this reason, it has fat burning qualities. Including raspberry ketones in daily lifestyle is a smart way to achievethe weight loss goals quickly.

Start with these natural healthy ways of staying in shape and keep flab miles away from hitting you.

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