Protein powder is a boys’ thing. Is it really? This is though the first image of protein powder that comes to in mind of many people. Guys into body-building are very much projected for supplementing their diet for building lean muscles.

Girls don’t have anything to do with protein supplements this is a common misconception. But if you trust certified strength and conditioning specialist Marie Spano R.D. “women get actually more benefitted from protein powder then men do.” Females involved in general fitness program fall short of protein in their diet. For cutting calories females actually need more protein then required during maintaining weight.  Getting more protein from a good supplement helps you save tons of calories as they are contained with very less of grams of fats or carbohydrates. You will put away only four calories per gram that cannot be expected even from the lean chicken breast you can get.

The regular meals of girls are not protein laden and the lack of protein leads to lack of energy and stamina in them. Females may need somewhat less quantities of amino acids but they are even not met with the kind of diet females take. Nowadays most of the ladies are working and they hardly get time to indulge in proper nourishment. While carbohydrates and fats are easily derived from your daily food, protein requirement is scarcely met. There are some very healthy vegan options of protein supplements for people who don’t take non vegetarian foods.


There are certain signs that your body is not getting enough of protein from food you eat. Have a look to understand if you are actually lacking in protein:

  • Craving for sweets- People start craving for sweets like never before. Many find it difficult to relate it with protein deficiency; some expect to have urged for eggs. It is typical of protein to keep blood sugar in control this is why you first crave for sweets when your body does not get enough protein supplies.
  • Difficulty in focusing- Due to the blood sugar imbalance you may feel a little foggy in head.
  • Hair fall problems- Proteins are the building blocks of hair follicles hence it shows on their growth and health.

    natural weight loss supplements
    Natural weight loss supplements