Goodness of protein rich foods is not hidden from anyone still they are not consumed to make people healthier. Reason behind this is the unavailability of organic foods around you which is only second to the rush of busy lives.


Proteins are the building blocks of your body. They boost your metabolism and burn fats. It fuels the body for building cells and tissues. Proteins help you grow and develop every body part and system. Proteins not only help in the formation of vital organs, tissues, muscles but some of the hormones too. Absence of protein rich foods from your plate can cause some serious problems like high cholesterol, anxiety, sleeping disorders and more.

Proteins are essential nutrients that help body keep going. Proteins are made up of long chains of amino acids that are abundantly available in many foods. Some common protein sources include fish, meat, and dairy and for vegans beans and seeds are there to meet the protein needs of the body.

Proteins’ functions are diversified. They are responsible for the creation of hemoglobin and some antibodies. Proteins heal wounds and fight the bacteria.


Without proteins the life does not exist. Are you having enough of protein in your diet?

Make sure you read the given below signs of protein deficiency in you and people you care for.

  • Metabolic rate is low.
  • You are unable to lose weight.
  • Difficulty in building up muscles.
  • Feeling lethargic and exhausted.
  • Mood swings and sudden feeling of dissatisfaction.
  • Brain Fog, poor concentration.
  • Pain in joints, bones and muscles.
  • Weakened immunity
  • Slow wound healing
  • Changes in levels of blood sugar.

If you see can relate to all these or more than 5 symptoms you should not delay consulting your doctor.


Whether you are protein deficit or not it is always recommended to take high-protein diet. Not only it helps your body to perform to its full potential, it keeps your brain active too. There are other reasons to have protein rich diets like when you want to lose weight you can depend lot on protein laden foods.

Proteins encourage and support lean mass development too. This is why proteins top the priority list of sportsmen, fitness enthusiasts and active individuals. To get protein in diet is unfortunately matter of chance as you hardly get to eat organic foods rich in proteins. However as far as foods are concerned you should adopt a flexible approach between non veg and veg source because there are some drawbacks of eating too much of meat and fish. Vegetarian sources have some delicious items such as yogurt, cheese and beans etc.

Good news for protein fiends there are some exceptional whey protein supplements that make things conveniently healthier for you. Having whey protein in any form is win win situation for you. Whey is the cleanest and the effective means of meeting the protein needs of your body. It works on your hunger pangs and keep you fuller, energetic for longer periods.

Munch on proteins whenever you want to eat snacks.