All the festivities are around the clock and are you seriously going to put up in all the dinner parties and functions with that belly hanging around your waist? How about we tell you that it is possible to say goodbye to your stubborn fat in just 2 weeks?

Yes, now you can bring about revolution in your body with diet plan to lose belly fat in 2 weeks. All you have to do is to strategies your routine as per the diet and add some of the major elements of it in your routine.

Check out the interesting things to eat for next two weeks :

  1. Start your day with fibers

This is an essential step as you provide your body with fibrous food but starve it for the carbs. This shoots up your fat burning metabolism at the time of the day when the rate of all body functions is high. Also, fiber makes you full for a longer time and devoid the chances of falling prey to unconscious and unwanted imbibing.

  1. Protein shake/ smoothie

While you obviously need to workout harder than usual days, you body will require more protein and amino acids to take care of healing procedure. Taking protein instead of carbs is also a great way to cut down the fat accumulation.

  1. Berries for belly

Well, this ain’t a joke, blueberries are severely known fasten up your fat burning metabolism and also reduces fat absorption in body. The lesser the stored fat, the better the carbs digestion.

  1. No to all aerated drinks

You might or not involve in cold drinks but these are one of the criminals for white fat. It’s all about the sugar content one glass or can of the drink that you gulp down. Just say a firm no to all. Rely on water on the other hand as it flushes out toxins and freshen you up from the lethargy you might feel as a result of going to diet.

Try out these four essential tricks for balancing your body and bringing it back in the shape.