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diet plan (1)Your body has gone through a lot of trauma due to less thoughtful eating habits and definitely it shows. You find bulges, hardened fat and overgrown belly. That’s just the physical aspect of bad food habits. Lethargy, vulnerability to disease and other issues are more to mention. However, it takes one moment to change it all. Probably, your moment is right now as you read through this 7 Days Diet Plan.

The important checker of any diet is calories. It’s a must that your body gets enough energy packets to work on and rest it finds from the fat accumulated all over the body. It’s about maintaining the balance. Therefore, 1200-calories should be your aim.

Let’s check out the Day-to-Day planner

Dividing the day into 4 sections- breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner- which are connected by 8-12 glasses of water to keep you hydrated all the time.

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