“Emotional eating doesn’t fix your emotional issues.”

Often times, people find themselves binge on excessive eating disorder when they go through a tough patch of life. Broke up with your boyfriend? An ice cream tub with best friend. Boss gave no increment? McDonald’s fries and burgers with coworkers. Failed an exam? Pizza with friends. Late night work? Gulp down ounces of coffee. There’s always a situation cliché to help you feel better.

Do you think these are good for you if it goes on from once a month indulgence into daily routine? No! You can’t win the game with unhealthy and extremely harmful food habits. If you want to know how your diet plan for stress management will look like then read on for detailed information.

Before the comprehensive diet plan, there are 7 things you must not be missing out from your schedule which helps to curb out adding up of daily stress:

  1. Go full before buying your grocery so that you end up making healthier choices and not impulsive.
  2. Avoid high amount of gluten, sugar, sodium and preservatives in your food.
  3. Monitor your cooking style and use natural healthy oil.
  4. Stay hydrated all day and drink before your eat to avoid overeating.
  5. Fill your plate little and eat slowly.
  6. Don’t miss workout for a day. Though you may reduce the amount.
  7. Have an undisturbed, consistent and sound sleep.

The Diet Plan To Your Rescue 

You may have an alternative dish if it pleases you but this would be the ideal diet plan for anyone who struggles with any layer of stress.


It’s a wise choice to think about proteins in the morning and lesser calories, probably restricted to 300 calories. Stress hormones add lethargy and elevate the degradation of cell which is why you must feed your body with more of proteins in order to improve maintenance process.

  • Baked beans with light-oil roasted tomatoes and boiled spinach
  • Poached or Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon
  • A bowl of freshly made Muesli


The nicest and righteous choice is to fill your tummy while you are going through your usual day. Do not  call upon your beast when you get hungry and mad. That’s the time when you indulge in eating high fat and carbs to feel good. Remember, everything else can wait until you eat these amazing healthy options for lunch:

  • Spicy chicken and vegetable soup
  • Garden Pasta Salad
  • Roasted chicken/beef with sauteed veggies sprinkled with lemon extract


Surely, either you want to eat unhealthy food or you’ll skip meals before going to bed. That’s a pattern, most officials seem to follow. Whether you relate or don’t, the following meals could help you fulfil the nutritional value of your day and make you feel better by increasing the healthy hormones.

  • Green salad mixed with bell pepper and topped with grilled lamb/chicken/bacon/salmon
  • Spinach and mushroom quiche
  • Chinese chicken spaghetti


For the times you can’t take the load, depend on these healthy snacks which will cheer you up yet won’t destroy your health.

  • Handful of seeds and nuts
  • 40g of dark chocolate
  • A cup of flavoured frozen yogurt

Doesn’t matter how many times you are told, “Don’t stress!” You are bound to feel low, depressed or anxious in your present about the future. Although, your mind is the player but your diet is the energy booster which will keep you on the track of winning each game. Give your mind a reason to be happy and healthy by developing the habits of eating right food every day.

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