People are getting obsessed over running to shed some weight in a good way. However, the technique has to be inline to produce the maximum results in least time.

There are no question marks flying around the effectiveness of running when it comes to reduce belly, thigh and hip fat. All athletes believe to train under stringent conditions which would give them strength over speed. This is highly achievable by sprint racing.

However, as a beginner you shouldn’t overestimate your capacity and work as per the guidelines provided by your trainers. What this write up will do for you is to provide you running tips for weight loss that would assist your to maximize the results. Check out the following tips prepared by the team of nutritionist, athletic trainer and physical trainer:

1. Consistency Without Fail

Forget the rule for a day off when it comes to running. Every morning or evening, you need to make sure that you did run for a specific number of miles. However, while maintaining your consistency, you can sure short and long miles days where you can vary your distances consecutively.

2. Strengthen Up Your Core

Working on your body weight would require more than just toning up your thigh muscles. What you need to include is the core strengthening workout like lifting weights, planks, high jumps and similar variations. This focuses on improving your basal metabolic rate which is important to convert energy.

3. Running More, Eat Less Carbs

It’s funny how people call out, “I deserve a glass of beer because I ran in the morning.” No! You don’t! If you really want to see the difference sooner then you have to keep a check on your carbs and diet, in general. Eating healthy fat will provide you energy and proteins will repair your torn muscles but cabs will only add up more load to your body.


Don’t forget any of the three important dose of knowledge on how you can lose weight while just running every day. Keep a note of your activity and intensify your workout when it seems mundane or your body feels used to the routine. The truth is to get the desired result you need to go out of your comfort zone.