H2O – this is the chemical formula of water. Everybody knows the importance of water in human lives and its role in human body. From carrying oxygen and nutrients to entire cellular structure it does all. Without mincing, words welcome water to your respective lives.

Losing weight is so much of a dreadful task for people of all age groups. Water is as you already know is quintessential for a healthy living but lesser people know its weight loss benefits. Adding a hint of other ingredients that are commonly found in your kitchen and home can do the miracle to your life. Below given quick water based zero calorie recipes are not only refreshing drinks but are to die for detoxification catalysts.

Effective And Easy Drinks That Promote Weight Loss

If you have been trying to lose weight for even a period of months you must have heard a lot about water intake. With these healthy and nutritious water recipes, you cannot only keep yourself hydrated and nourished but can also shed weight fast. The double action of these recipes helps you keep a control on your appetite and also help burn the accumulated fats.

Cucumber and mint concoction

5 Cucumber and mint concoction (1)

A simple cucumber blend with ample of citrus components in it help your body to flush out most of the moisture. Add dash of the mint to the drink by throwing some mint leaves in it.

Combine all these ingredients and let them sit for two hours before consumption. Carry it wherever you go and enjoy the walking spa.

Strawberry drink

3 Strawberry drink (1)

This is a great motivation for people with sweet tooth. You will hardly find anyone around who does not like strawberries. Now superb strawberries can help you shed weight too. How? It is again easy.

Just take some strawberries and more fruits like raspberries, apples, oranges, pears. Want to add some more to the awesomeness? Add lemon and cucumber. Oh yeah don’,t forget to water.

Blend of raspberry and mint leaves

4 raspberry and mint leaves (1)

Combine both these ingredients in water and enjoy the cleansing properties of raspberries with the ability of mint to relieve stress. They both team up to help your digestion and in losing weight.

You can add ginger to spa water (cucumber and mint concoction) for fast results.

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